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AAP and ahead

It’s advises raining on the AAP. If some want the nascent party to be cautious, others feel the ‘aam aadmi’ government should go full throttle against the corrupt. Most of these ‘advisers’ are either not voters of Delhi or not having any personal interest with the much-talked-about 18-point agenda. The Delhi voters, especially those who suddenly realised that netas are actually meant to serve and not to rule the people, are waiting with bated breath for the time when ‘their own’ AK would reduce their sufferings. They have reposed all their faith on the Team Kejriwal because what the latter promised nobody did so far. The people have also realised that they actually don’t need many other things (read government protection for racial identity, religion and culture) what others had been promising so far, albeit without fulfilling them.

On the other hand, the self-styled advisers are swelling in numbers from every part of the world. They have only one interest – to see a better and honest India. AK and his team have given a ray of hope to these people, who always hated the corrupt and especially politicians. There are many in states across the nation raring to replicate the AAP model. Suddenly, there are hundreds and thousands of countrymen making up their mind to make a political plunge. They are eager to take part in the movement of ‘purification’ of politics.

Some of these advisers, however, are mere attention grabbers. Besides, there is a bigger evil for the AAP now – moles. AK has already indicated the possibility of tie-ups with ‘like-minded’ parties and organisations for the Lok Sabha elections. The party has no restriction against any person becoming a member. The scrutinising comes only in case of office bearers and candidates. There are many disgruntled leaders of other political parties expressing willingness to join the AAP bandwagon. AAP has to take their proposals with a pinch of salt. The party will be on track, for which the people voted for them, as long as it has more number of people of ‘good intention’ on board. It will be part of the usual political market the day when the people of other kind would outnumber the ‘good’ ones. But such things happen in politics, AAP and nobody can deny it. There are no separate compartments for the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’. Though democracy is the game of numbers, AK has to keep an eye on everything to see that too many moles do not spoil the movement which inspired a whole nation to be free and fair, after 60 years of Independence.

(Published as editorial in The Meghalaya Guardian on December 27)