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The Bihar government fell, ultimately. A part of the political drama is over. It’ll be Nitish Kumar again on the hot seat. Jitan Ram Majhi, an insignificant figure till his anointment as chief minister by Nitish himself, will fade into oblivion once again. Any way, he did not deserve the position. When Nitish resigned last year taking responsibility of JD-U’s drubbing in the Lok Sabha polls, he wanted a puppet in the post, to take his orders. But he forgot Majhi was a habitual turncoat. Starting with Congress, Majhi ‘served’ masters in Lalu Prasad’s RJD and then in JD-U and now lured by a resurgent BJP under Narendra Modi. Nitish also might have thought the term for his ‘dummy’ is over since public memory is short. Majhi’s allegations that Nitish started bullying of late might hold some water, which could prompt him to be blown by the Modi wave!

All the stories of political upheaval are interesting to read and follow. But are politicians meant for such circus? In the past two weeks, 243 MLAs of the Bihar assembly did not have any time left for public affairs. Though they say what they do is for public interest, but this entire drama is nothing but a private affair. It is the personal affair of only these MLAs. Should they not be booked since their personal affair is affecting the affairs of the state? Will they explain why their salaries should not be cut for total absence from their responsibilities to public all these days? Many would say these questions are irrelevant. If politicians do not fight, who will? Indian public is accustomed to such drama.

It is certain that important files are getting jammed in the offices of state government due to prolonged absence of the ministers and MLAs. Such delay might cause serious damage to individuals, institutions etc. Who will pay for such damage? None. The country’s political system is such that politicians ‘devote’ a major portion of their time and energy for personal benefit. Public affairs, for which politicians are meant, often take a backseat. Still, public is not so dull too. They are not going to tolerate such drama for long. There has to be an end to such kind of politics.

(Published as editorial in The Meghalaya Guardian on February 21, 2015)