Some powerful people see conspiracy everywhere. There is a noted academician in Assam who once saw ‘government conspiracy’ in crows crowing near his residence. He even wrote an article about it. Still a prominent voice, the so-called apolitical intellectual went to the extent of urging people of Assam not to vote for the BJP in the last election. Public did not listen to him or his brigade and gave the saffron party absolute majority. Now the brigade is seeing a conspiracy by BJP and RSS to change Assam’s demography into a Bengali-dominated culture. Assam’s demography has already changed, much before the BJP came to power, and the issue is almost irrelevant now. But some people are born to protest! They won’t see any bright side in a story.

Mamata Banerjee’s allegation of an army coup is absolutely ridiculous. More ridiculous is her 19 MPs – intellectual like Derek O Brien among them – raising a hue and cry. The ruckus happened a day after Rahul Gandhi tried to link hacking of his Twitter account to demonetisation! If the Trinamool really thought about army staging a coup against Mamata Banerjee’s government, it is foolish. Even a high school would wonder why the army of a nation would topple a state government! It has never happened. There could be no apparent motive. Mamata failed to spell out the ‘motive’ of the army to stage coup against her.

But, the Trinamool’s protest is most likely a political move, which is counterproductive. The army has already produced documents proving it clear position on the deployment at toll gates. Letters were written to various state government authorities to inform about the Civil Hired Transport (CHT) impressments exercise in the toll gates. May be officials concerned felt it too insignificant to inform the chief minister about the drill. Mamata should have properly checked with her authorities before making a wrong political move. The Mamatas and Rahuls now run the risk of increasingly seen as against development, which is the buzzword in the country.

(Published as editorial in The Meghalaya Guardian on December 3, 2016)