What is going on? Rahul Gandhi had ‘evidence’ to cause earthquake! He does not file an FIR, nor moves the court. On the other hand, BJP terms PM Modi as ‘clean like Ganga’ – although that’s a wrong analogy about present Ganga – but Modi did not spare a word on Rahul’s allegations. Nor he moves any defamation! What Congress has demanded is nothing more than a denial from the horse’s mouth! What prevents Modi or BJP to refute the allegations is mysterious for many. Modi might be waiting for the final verdict from the court, before giving his explanations.

Modi has a hard-earned image of being a non-corrupt politician though many people may not have the same notion about his party colleagues. The perception is that even if he had indulged in corruption, it was not for himself but for ‘growth’ of the party. The opposition often accuses him of being in cahoots with big industrialists, but they fail to justify his alleged motive behind the ‘nexus’. Congress’ oft-repeated slogan of ‘suit boot ki sarkar’ has very few takers as except for one suit, which was later auctioned at much higher price, luxury seems to be foreign to Modi so far.

But, the Sahara papers purportedly seized by I-T department are actually shocking, if they bear any iota of truth. It’s equally shocking if the papers are found to be fake. Had the paper referred to another ‘Modiji’? Who is he? Were the papers made to frame ‘Modiji’? What’s the motive? Who’s behind? There are so many questions to be answered. In either cases, there must be an inquiry. Rahul – despite being widely ridiculed for his lack of political shrewdness – has been able crop some questions in the minds of the public. The ‘copied’ allegations, which have been lying before the court to judge, have stirred some rational minds, who are gradually convinced about Modi’s stand against corruption. BJP would not like to lose these fence sitters before the crucial Uttar Pradesh elections. Ridiculing Rahul, as an answer to his charges, will only convince the hardcore fans of Modi. The nation needs an answer and clarity on the matter.

(Published as editorial in The Meghalaya Guardian on December 23, 2016)